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About us

Editoriale Scienza is a publishing house well established in Italy since 1993, and specialized in scientific literature for young readers from 3 to 14 years. Since January 2009 we are part of the publishing group Giunti Editore. 

We work in contact with teachers and educators, and our titles are often used in the schools: our belief is that young readers should learn while playing and having fun. This is the reason why the greatest part of our books contains an important section of manual activities and experiments which require nothing more than everyday materials and thus help the reader/player to get a firmer understanding of what is being explained. And this is also the reason why among the science titles we also have a collection of game-books, in order to join science and fun and to re-discover the manual activities.
The consequent choice, several years ago, was to create a catalogue of activities and topic experiments taken from our books, which we offer to schools and libraries: through the reading of the books and the hands-on experience, each child could enter into the subject and understand better what it is being proposed him/her.
Our catalogue includes many collections – covering a various range of age targets. Each product is chosen among the best international production, but we are also publishing some of the best Italian authors in several valuable collections of scientific fiction.


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